President Director Speech

Our current journey began in 1952 when our parents, Hadji Kalla and Hajjah Athirah, started their pioneering business in textile and agricultural products trading in Watampone district, South Sulawesi. Slowly but surely, our line of business is expanding into Non-Textile businesses such as general trading of imports and exports to automotive under the name of NV.Hadji Kalla.

Currently, Kalla is involved in various business fields under the banner of the Kalla Group of Companies, and is one of the largest business groups in Eastern Indonesia, with centralized business control in the city of Makassar. The core business fields include automotive, transportation-logistics, property, construction, manufacturing and energy.

As a form of concern in supporting development in this region, Kalla as a group company is committed to creating new breakthroughs in order to provide greater benefits to the wider community in our beloved country, Indonesia. All of the achievements that Kalla has made are thanks to the support of all Kalla people and the community around the company's operational areas. All the results that the company has, will be used for the welfare of the Indonesian people and nation.

President Director

Kalla as a Group of Companies has gone through a long journey of contributing to the development and economy of the Indonesian people, especially in the Eastern region for more than 60 years. Our contribution now reaches various sectors ranging from trade, transportation, infrastructure, property, manufacturing, energy to education. These sectors have underpinned Indonesia's current and future economic growth.

This rapid business growth cannot be separated from the success of all Kalla People in carrying out business and cultural transformation. Starting from the development of human resources with the best quality and skills, business management with superior innovation and still balanced with a socio-cultural approach that makes Kalla one of the largest corporate groups in Eastern Indonesia.

Kalla's business line is oriented towards synergy which provides integrated services to all stakeholders and customers. Thus, Kalla has a solid business foundation to support customer needs and the increasingly dynamic National economy.

In order to provide the best experience to customers, Kalla's automotive business line has established synergies with Kalla's transportation business, which covers travel and rental needs, as well as Kalla's logistics business, which covers vehicle delivery and warehouse needs. Through this breakthrough, Kalla has consistently been at the forefront of responding to transportation needs in Indonesia.

Kalla's business lines in the construction and development sectors are also synergized in building Indonesia towards a better direction. Kalla answers all the needs for accelerating infrastructure development by providing integrated business lines from upstream to downstream in the fields of building materials, asphalt, design, construction to commercial property management and building management.

The presence of Jalan Kalla as a corporate culture has become an important breath for the development of all business lines and Kalla's social activities. The philosophy and noble values of Jalan Kalla including Worship Work, Customer Appreciation, Faster is Better, and Active Together have become important company assets that will continue to be passed down to future generations.

Realizing the room to grow and be better, Kalla always pushes for new breakthroughs for Kalla people in improving product quality, service and business integration. And continue to spread the inspiration of goodness through social contributions to achieve prosperity with the community.

Board of Directors

Hariyadi Kaimuddin

Marketing & Business Development Director | Kalla Automotive, Transport & Logisitcs Director

He was born in Makassar on November 12, 1973. Currently, he serves as Marketing & Business Development Director since 2021 and Kalla Automotive, Transportation and Logistics Director. His career journey at KALLA started from COO of Kalla Automotive (2007-2014) which was then entrusted to become CEO Kalla Automotive (2014-present). Previously, he worked at PT HM Sampoerna for 10 years holding various positions, including Area Marketing Manager (1999-2002), Regional Marketing Manager (2002-2005) to National Brand Manager (2006-2007). He studied at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

Disa R. Novianty

People & Process Director

She was born in Jakarta on November 19, 1983. She currently serves as People & Process Director starting 2022. Previously, she held the positions of Corporate People & Performance Director (2021) and Corporate Strategic & Development Director (2018-2021). Prior to joining KALLA, she had a career in a number of national and multinational companies, including Danone Aqua (2005-2007) and Trans Studio (2007-2009). She also has experience working abroad by joining Philips which is a multinational company based in the Netherlands during 2011-2012. Then, she also had a career in Germany by joining JSP during 2013-2015. She studied at the University of Indonesia and Erasmus University.

Imelda Jusuf Kalla

Corporate Finance Director

She was born in Makassar on February 15, 1971. She currently serves as Corporate Finance Director since 2010 until now. She is also the President Director of PT Kalla Inti Karsa since 2018 until now. Joining KALLA since 1999, She started his career at PT Bumi Karsa which subsequently joined several KALLA business units, such as Kalla Beton as Director of Finance (2003-2010), Finance Director of Kalla Transport & Logistics (2003-2008), Treasurer of Hadji Kalla Foundation (2005-present), Director of Finance of PT Hadji Kalla (2005-2014), Director of Finance of Kalla Inti Karsa (2007-2018) and President Director of Kalla Transport & Logistics (2008-2018). She has completed his education majoring in Marketing Management at RMIT University - Melbourne.

Zumadi SM Anwar

Kalla Development & Construction Director

He was born in Pekanbaru on August 1, 1968. He currently serves as Kalla Development & Construction Director since 2017 until now. Previously, he held several main director positions in a number of KALLA business units, namely PT Kuncio Energy (2011-207), PT Bumi Karsa (2006-2017) and PT Kalla Electrical System (2002-2015). He also held a number of strategic positions at PT Bukaka SingTel International for 5 years, 1999-2005. He has completed his education at Trisakti University and the University of Wisconsin as well as a number of other educational institutions, namely Citrus College and Language Center of The Pacific.