Kalla Beton

In the era of rapid infrastructure development in Indonesia, the need for strong, precise and environmentally friendly building materials at affordable prices is urgently needed to answer the challenges of the times. Therefore, since 1996, Kalla Beton has been at the forefront of producing ready mix concrete for the community. With a marketing area covering the Eastern Indonesia area, Kalla Beton has been tested and has the best quality to serve the construction of construction projects for agencies and companies as well as the general public.

Kalla Beton is also here to meet the needs of precast production and marketing, namely concrete that is made for various functions and purposes, both for the construction needs of buildings, yards, fences and pedestrian roads. The precast produced includes Paving Block, brick, cansteen, concrete wall panels and poles, mini piles and many more. In addition, Kalla Beton offers lightweight bricks which are produced using the Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) system. Not only that, Kalla Beton is also currently producing and marketing Cement Mortar products

For more than 20 years, Kalla Beton has experience in providing construction services, from design to construction implementation. Various buildings and real estate in Indonesia have been successfully built magnificently by Kalla Beton materials by always paying attention to cost efficiency, quality and meeting the given deadline.