Since its establishment until now, KALLA has been able to survive and grow in every era with KALLA Way as our Corporate Culture. Derived from the values and life philosophy of the company's founders, KALLA Way has been our compass from the past, now to the future.

Work as Worship 

In carrying out our daily work and responsibilities, we always provide the best results in accordance with the mandate given by the company. This culture is a tangible form of us as religious people in worshiping God. 

We believe that every work will always be supervised by God and is worth a double reward if it is done with a culture of integrity and professionalism.

Customer Appreciation
“Customer is the core of our company”

In providing the best for customers, we carry out a Customer Delight culture with services and experiences that exceed customer expectations. In the process, we put forward the value of advancing together where all of our products and services aim to bring a better life for internal customers, external customers and partners.

We also believe that relationships with customers must be based on the value of “Respect to People” so that there is mutual trust and communicativeness between us and customers.

Faster - Better 

Along with the rapid business growth and customer expectations, we continue to build a culture of innovation for every market need. As an initial foundation, our every action is based on an Effective-Efficient culture so that each of our products and services are according to needs and becomes the best solution.

Not only that, an innovative and solution-based culture is our lifeblood in responding to the challenges of the times and increasingly complex and diverse business. As the ultimate goal, a culture to always excel and be at the forefront becomes the spirit to go faster and better.

Active Together

In the end, we believe that in order to go further, we must walk with the community, customers, partners in achieving mutual prosperity. We build a teamwork culture, where we build productive relationships with each party based on trust, harmony, communication and care.

In the midst of increasingly intense competition, we present a culture of collaboration and synergy to awaken every potential from our internal as well as from the community to help us go further together.